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Unclasp your hands, Your weakness makes me tremble [entries|friends|calendar]
Deirdre Brady

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Name: Deirdre
Age: 15
Location: Valley Cottage, New York
D.O.B. October 8, 1989
Status: David Durfee<3 1/26/04

Layout made by me inspired by Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind. ©2005

Delighthing minds
with my shadow
Rely on your way to grow
You want to decide
from your cloud
You're lost in a world
that I have to repair

You want it all
the greatest smile
Who wants to deny forever?
You're made of ice
I pay the price
for all you unforgiveness

Enlighting lies
with my shame
Beneath the veil
of your flow
Don't try to deny
with your mouth
So fine it is knowing
you're under the shade

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5/1/05 - 6:34pm]
i'm not sure if this has been posted yet but it's a new article about Ashley in Globe


Furor Rages Over Phony Ashley Sex Tape

Goody-goody actress Ashley Olsen is in a fury over a scandalous, phony sex tape being sold on the Internet that uses her name.
"She's outraged," Ashley's friend tells GLOBE. "She has nothing to do with this 'sex tape.'"
The director of the fake video, which is titled The Ashley Olson Sex Tape, is Christopher Cash. He's selling it for $2.25 on his Web site, describing it as "a dramatic re-enactment of actual events that transpired in the fall of 2004."
The video spells 18-year-old Ashley's last name incorrectly and contains no sexual images or likenesses of the Full House sitcom star. But on it, an Ashley sound-alike is heard.
Cash, 22, admits he wanted to "create controversy with the title," adding that "if Ashley is going to cause a fush over something so silly, I can only profit from it."
Ashley's rep says the sex tape has nothing to do with his client, declaring, "It's idiotic, moronic and disgusting."
And the teen star's friend adds, "Ashley doesn't want to be thought of in the same light as Paris Hilton."
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4/22/05 - 2:44pm]

i probably have you already on my new one, if not comment for the link.
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New Journal [Wednesday
8/4/04 - 2:01pm]
[ mood | bored ]

[Eternal Sunshine]

Comment first and then I'll add...<3

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